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Biotech Time-Bomb by Scott Eastham

Biotech Time-Bomb by Scott Eastham
Biotech Time-Bomb by Scott Eastham

How genetic engineering could irreversibly change our world.

Decisions we make today on genetic engineering may well have irreversible repercussions for the future of all life on Earth. The effects of GE have the potential to be cumulatively catastrophic, and to affect all future generations.

Once the genetic genie is out of the bottle (or the lab), there's no putting it back. Yet it is difficult for ordinary people to evaluate or even take seriously because its effects are, at present, by and large invisible without a microscope. 

Genetic engineering is a biological time-bomb, and the fuse is already ticking,...

The winner of a prestigious ecology literature award offered by Fordham Univerity, USA.

"This is not just a technical book about the horrors of GE, seen in isolation from other horrors, but a highly erudite and superbly written critique of the modern Western scientific mentality"

-  Edward Goldsmith, founder of The Ecologist

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