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There are many guides to the the world"s great wildlife experiences, but the UK is neglected and this book sets out to remedy this. 100 Great Wildlife Experiences really takes in all the amazing things to see and do in the UK, in all seasons - because winter, of course, can be just as good as summer..
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From Henri Fabre's first successful take off from water and landing near Marseilles, to the introduction of a hull rather than floats by American Glenn Curtiss, to the world-wide development of huge, ocean-crossing flying boats on both sides of the Atlantic - the passenger flying boat era continues ..
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The young men who flew and fought during the First World War had no idea what was awaiting them. The rise of science and nationalism during the late 19th and early 20th centuries came to a head in 1914\. The 'technology shock' that coalesced at the Western Front was not envisaged by any of the leade..
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Sixty-three animals have won the Dicken Medal, the highest award for animal bravery. Their inspiring stories are told, for the first time in one book, The Animal Victoria Cross. Four types of animal have been honoured, dogs, horses, pigeons and one cat. Simon, the feline, is credited with saving an ..
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Animals in the Great War looks at the use of animals by all sides in the Great War and to what effect. In the main, it focuses greatly on horses, dogs and pigeons but also addresses the war efforts of other animals. In the early years of the war horses were, to a large extent, the only form of trans..
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This is a graphic account of one soldiers service in the First World War an account that is based on a diary he maintained whilst on active service. It has been described by one senior officer as the best soldiers story I have yet read in Australia. H.R. Williams enlisted in 1915, joining A Company,..
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'An Archaeological Study of the Bayeux Tapestry' provides a unique re-examination of this famous piece of work through the historical geography and archaeology of the tapestry. Trevor Rowley is the first author to have analysed the tapestry through the landscapes, buildings and structures shown, suc..
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