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New Zealand's favourite beaches in magnificent "then and now" photographs. With nostalgic images that invoke memories of days gone by, each spread features a stunning photograph from over 60 years ago, taken by the author's aunt, and a present day image shot from the exact same spot. The beaches fea..
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The two Beached As books, rated highly by the critics, have sold out. But there was always drive to do better. Craft better images, explore more, and make a better beach book. More pages, more Kiwi beaches, make it easier to read, to gift, to travel with, to share. Small is stature but packing a pun..
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NZ Surf: The Collection is a surfing book that any Kiwi who sets foot on fibreglass will identify with and want. The surf stoked grom, the corporate cruiser, the hipster long boarder. This publication will become an instant surfer and surf collectors `must have' because of its variety, depth and cov..
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The South Seas - New Zealand's Best Surf is a 208-page hard cover book featuring the work of some of New Zealand's best surf photographers. It features waves from the Far North to the Deep South. Fully revised and updated...
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