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Powman Book Two

Powman Book Two
Powman Book Two
Powman shows kids how to turn bullying into a positive experience through children's books.Heya, let me introduce myself. I'm Francis Claire, but my friends call me Frankie. This is my story so far .......And today is just about the most amazing day I've ever had. Actually, it IS going to be the most EPIC day. I can hardly breathe I'm so excited!! Bring it on :)Dave Pow Tabain's cousin Frankie has started at a new sports academy school and is finding it hard to settle into her new school life. Frankie reaches out to Dave to help her navigate her new school, her new friends, her new social settings and her first experience of cyber bullying. Dave uses his POW plan to give Frankie what she needs to reach her full potential and help others like her along the way.
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