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Stock: 35 Model: 9781848355361
With bold, bright design and fantastic illustrations, this series helps very young learners get to grips with the colours red, green, yellow and blue. Get colourful and start learning! This title features: ideal format for learning key concepts of colours; bold, bright artwork; and, easy-to-read tex..
Stock: 56 Model: 9781848354579
Whether it's a rainy day, a party day or you are on the move, this imaginative and engaging series will have games to suit every need. Start playing! This title presents: step-by-step instructions; ways to play alone or together; and, graded games with challenges to make them trickier...
Stock: 24 Model: 9781848352162
Following the success of the first My Body series, these books explain important ideas about hygiene, exercise and health to children. Packed with photographs, illustrations and activities, children can learn in a fun, interactive way. It includes: clear text to make complex ideas easy to understand..
Stock: 4 Model: 9781845384500
This series is designed to promote thinking skills and an enthusiasm for reading. The parents' and teachers' notes offer a range of activities to ensure that children fully engage with the books...
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