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Natural catastrophes and imminent civil war early in the 21st Century destroyed New Zealand to the point where its only hope of survival lay in annexation by the USA.A billionaire saved her country by donating all her wealth to the nation, by founding a political party and by introducing drastic, in..
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Nancy has gone from NY to NZ and lives a peaceful life with her Kiwi husband, Mike, and their seven-year-old daughter, Chloe – until a holiday escape to Fiji takes an unexpected turn. Over the next decade she will have to deal with both the fall-out and her idiosyncratic mother-in-law, Edith...
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Abigail's world is full of colour and possibility as each day she explores new characters through creative outfits designed in her treehouse. But will Sally Pepper next door manage to convince Abigail that being a grown-up is better?Find out in this delightful rhyming story by New Zealand author Lat..
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A survival bible on safer air travel for tourists and business travellers Why you need this book:- You could pay less for your next air ticket.- You could triple your free baggage allowance- You will travel more comfortably- You will travel more safely- You will have questions answered and fear..
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How genetic engineering could irreversibly change our world.Decisions we make today on genetic engineering may well have irreversible repercussions for the future of all life on Earth. The effects of GE have the potential to be cumulatively catastrophic, and to affect all future generations.Once the..
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Each story in this book captures moments of pure desire in all their complexity and paradoxical simplicity. This is a PDF ebook so you can read comfortably and discreetly on any device. Second Edition 2018 STRICTLY R18 EXPLICIT CONTENT..
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Alec Haudepin has spent the winters of his youth on the rugby field, and now, at twenty-three, his dream of playing for the All Blacks is almost within reach. But his rise to prominence uncovers quiet sadness about the part of his identity he has always struggled to acknowledge. "Broken Play ca..
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Crystal Mission begins with the Greenpeace Antarctic expedition and leads a New Zealand doctor into fantastic territory: the discovery of a planetary electro-magnetic grid, and its connection with ancient foundation points like the Great Pyramid of Giza, a crystal mountain in Arizona, and secret sit..
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When one is in love one begins by deceiving oneself, and one ends by deceiving others. The story of Lara Englewood, a French actress, and her romance with a New Zealand writer."This is a felicitous first novel written by a young Aucklander completely under the spell of Oscar Wilde."-Christchurc..
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The lines between fantasy and reality become blurred, as two teens search for truth on islands in opposite hemispheres...Fourteen-year-old Madison Prescott is convinced her dead mother's griffin medallion has mysterious powers. How else can she explain her sudden, baffling ability to complete Mr Man..
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In 1837, on remote St Helena’s Island, Frenchman François Lelièvre searches for a willow beside Napoleon’s grave, a tree in which he believes Napoleon’s spirit is alive, inspiring ideals of liberty, equality and brotherhood. This will grow in Akaroa, New Zealand, in a time of conflict, as the French..
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"We can't change the past and we can't predict the future, so we must always live in the now and appreciate it for all its glory. The Now is really all that exists, Ayla. Some people spend their whole life waiting to start living. The time is now!"Jennifer McIntosh has woven valuable insights into t..
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