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Starfish Bay Children's Books

Stock: 100 Model: 9781760360375
All shoes come in twos, but one red shoe becomes separated from its pair. This shoe dearly misses the other shoe and feels so lonely and afraid. When the red shoe meets a greedy, solitary mouse, who has grown used to living alone and has never experienced loneliness, the shoe has an idea Can this mo..
Stock: 92 Model: 9781760360566
Age range 5 - 8Little Spider lives a peaceful life in a peaceful corner of the garden. Every day, she is soothed by the gentle sounds of the other creatures around her. But every day, Bossy Bee arrives to shatter the peace and quiet. Bossy Bee has no time for anyone else. She thinks she is the most ..
Stock: 100 Model: 9781760360481
Age range 4 to 7Told alongside charming, quirky illustrations, this story of Brown Bear's quest to fall asleep presents an original and entertaining twist on the old wives' tale that counting sheep helps one fall asleep. It's is the coldest day of winter, and most of the animals have gone to bed. Bu..
Stock: 100 Model: 9781760360412
Age range 5+ A famous tailor crab has a thriving business stitching clothes for the other animals, until the day he sews pants for a caterpillar and realizes he could make more money, charging a flat fee of $10 per shirt, no matter its size, and $5 for each leg of pants. But upon spending a week to..
Stock: 100 Model: 9781760360474
Age range 4 to 7Colin's humorous predicament will appeal to all young children and their parents. Readers will be rewarded with a compelling story, plenty of pictures and drama to entertain, and the message that "difference" is simply a source of other gifts. Colin the Chameleon tells the story of a..
Stock: 87 Model: 9780994100238
Once there was a big, strong and fierce looking lion called Telulu. But Telulu was scared of everything...even a leaf falling from a tree! When Telulu got scared he wound run away as fast as he could and when he ran something magical happened! But then Telulu meets a new tiny friend who helped him t..
Stock: 100 Model: 9781760360528
Age range 5 - 8All alone, in a quiet part of the jungle, Little Croc hatches. He may be small, but he has a big voice and loves to sing. But the other animals don't like his snap-snap song and send him away. As time passes, he becomes a big croc, and his song gets better and louder, but he is lonely..
Stock: 100 Model: 9781760360573
Age range 4 to 7A story about empathy and learning to share. Elena loves her impressive collection of wonderful seashells. So, when a sneaky shell escapes, Elena uses all her efforts to get it back. Only then she discovers that the shell is home to a hermit crab. Will she find it within herself to h..
Stock: 100 Model: 9781760360351
Ages 4 to 8 years This is a story about a wild myna who finds himself living in a cage and loses his desire to sing. Although he is well loved and looked after by his owners, Sweetie knows something is missing and dreams of singing once more. Sweetie's journey from jungle to cage to freedom explores..
Stock: 100 Model: 9781760360405
In this book, author-illustrator Gao CAI, using wax crayon, beautifully describes the journey of a baby's birth. It follows the miraculous journey from the moment a baby is conceived to the moment he or she is born. Creatively told from the baby's perspective, this wonderful story depicts the joy of..
Stock: 100 Model: 9781760360597
A little lizard is the only one who can't enjoy playing outside in the sunshine because he is prone to sunburn. To tackle his dilemma, he comes up with a plan, selects materials, prepares, then performs a series of experiments-showing that with perseverance and determination, any problem can be solv..
Stock: 100 Model: 9781760360115
Age range 5 to 8One snowy night, Peter is fast asleep in his cozy house when he hears knocking at his door. During the storm he has three visitors, but when he wakes the next morning, they are all gone. Was it just a dream? A clever tale of trust with a twist! With charming watercolour illustrations..
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