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The essays in After the Treaty explore themes ranging from contem-porary interpretation of the Treaty of Waitangi and subsequent interactions between settlerdom and Maori, through the troubled aftermath of the armed conflicts of the 1840s and 1860s (such as the Crown's imperative to place settlers o..
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Napier, 1915: Alice May Parkinson shoots and kills her lover. Her trial and its aftermath cause controversy throughout New Zealand. Is she a feminist heroine or a callous killer...or simply a desperate woman who ran out of choices? This is her story...
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Peter was an engaging, humorous storyteller, particularly of his own life and family from the 1930s onwards material drawn on extensively by his brother Maurice in his books. This collection reflects Peter's life and some of his interests, and follows his documentary poem sequence, Voyage Around a R..
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An outstanding new talent from the South Island, Jeffrey Paparoa Holman has published extensively in the Listener and in a variety of NZ and UK periodicals. This is the third volume of his poetry to be published in New Zealand, taking its title from the Whitireia Poetry Competition winning poem that..
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... Before the Birds and The River demonstrate Angie Farrow's ability to humanise global political crises, and to use the symbolism and poetry of theatre to promote debate about some of the most contentious issues of our times. They highlight the considerable potential of theatre to provide communit..
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Following the publication of his critically acclaimed Collected Poems, Peter Bland's new work has a startling freshness and immediacy. These poems celebrate a growing spiritual awareness of everyday life and the gifts of the natural world. They are spoken in a wonderfully fluent and imaginative voic..
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