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Technology, engineering, agriculture

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Tomatoes have always been far and away the most popular plant in the vegetable garden, and today the class act among tomatoes is the heirloom varieties--those vegetables with a past that go back generations, their seeds preserved and passed down among families, friends, and dedicated farmers. And no..
Model: 9781785000355
'The Adjustable Spanner' is the product of thirty years collecting and original research, fired by Ron Geesin's acquisition of the SLIK adjustable spanner that hung in his father's garage. At the core of this book is a concise history of this much-maligned tool. Serious and comical observations para..
Model: 9780719810411
American machine-made pocket watches first appeared in the 1850s and were so well-made that by the 1890s they had come to dominate the international watch market. The secret of their success was the range of standard sizes and readily interchangeable parts, plus the facility to be easily customized ..
Model: 9781484610039
Car, train, ship or aeroplane - which form of transport is most harmful to the atmosphere? What do farming techniques such as agrochemicals do? What is 'acid rain' and what are effects of it? This book takes a look at the impact that our modern world is having on our surrounding environment, from ou..
Model: 9780719803314
This title is now in paperback for the first time.Artificial gemstones have been well established in the trade for some time, but now, following further refinements in their manufacture, gemmologists worldwide are facing increasing problems with identification.Today, gem-quality synthetic diamonds, ..
Model: 9781861267009
Assault Rifle provides a comprehensive account of the development of the military assault rifle and its ammunition from WW2 to the present day. The book is in two parts. The first part includes: * Brief historical summary of the assault rifle, its origins and development. * Gun design including ope..
Model: 9781861268969
Here is a straightforward introduction, clear of technical jargan, to the complexities of the many radio and navigational systems that are commonly used on aircraft. It provides a fundamental overview of the principles and operation of many instruments and aids found aboard all types and sizes of ae..
Model: 9781847971326
There are many reasons for keeping ducks and geese. Not only are they lovely to look at, they will entertain you with their antics and make perfect 'pets' for adults and children alike. Ducks will eat troublesome slugs and snails as they follow you around the garden, making 'conversation' as they ..
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Pulling carts around the farm or serving as loyal pack animals, goats are naturally hardworking and make for friendly companions. This straightforward guide teaches you how to choose, house, feed, train, and breed the best goats for your space and needs. Whether you want to churn out fresh dairy pro..
Model: 9781603429696
Enjoy a weekend breakfast featuring eggs, bacon, and honey from your own chickens, pigs, and bees, or a holiday meal with your own heritage-breed turkey as the main attraction. Gail Damerow covers everything you need to successfully raise your own farm animals, from selecting the right breeds to pro..
Model: 9781580176347
Whether you're splitting a cord of wood for your fireplace or managing acres of woodland, 'The Backyard Lumberjack' provides plenty of practical instruction and firsthand advice. Familiarize yourself with the proper equipment and safety gear, then learn how to fell, buck, split, and stack your own w..
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This guidebook to the essential tools and skills needed for basic welding teaches even the novice everything they need to know to do it themselves, with projects and techniques specially tailored for farm and ranch equipment fabrication and repairs. Farmers, ranchers, and homesteaders who know how ..
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