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Irresistibly tempting, burgers may sometimes be perceived as the all too common fast-food-takeaway meal, with its simple principle: a cut bun with meat and some more ingredients inside. Yet a great burger is more than the sum of its parts and it can easily transform into a gourmet treat. Burgers len..
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City Fashion invites us to explore the fascinating world of fashion. Here, it is not renowned designers, but the young top designers and the upcoming fashion starts of tomorrow whose work we can enjoy. No other book delves so deeply into the fashion scenes of Berlin and Paris. The chapters "Amazin..
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What is the fitting wrapping for which gift? The volumes of the Gift Wrap Paper series give the answer and provide the wrapping material at the same time. Choose from the variety of themes that these beautiful high-quality gift wrap papers offer - from flowers and ornaments to abstract patterns - an..
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Without a doubt, custom-made shoes are a luxury for the feet. The authors of Handmade Shoes For Men have traced the trail of a traditional craft that remains vital today. Step by step they describe how elegant, handcrafted men's shoes are made, from taking measurements of the foot to professional pa..
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From tents to legendary, eternally popular accommodation on wheels such as caravans and campers; from trailer homes to state of the art mobile structures for events or emergency situations, to the use of containers as ready-mades for contemporary pre-fab architecture: cheap, easy to build and enviro..
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