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Bearly There had been Blake's teddy forever. Which is why he was barely there. But when a naughty new teddy arrives on the scene, Bearly's world changes forever. Bearly There is an exquisitely humorous story about a boy and his bears, about new friends and old, about love and loyalty. AUTHOR: Alee..
Stock: 20 Model: 9781921136733
Marco helps his father show tourists the sights of Venice from their gondola. When a tourist accidentally leaves his camera, Marco frantically searches for him...
Stock: 89 Model: 9781922081377
What drew the boys into the cornfield that day? Bravado? Stupidity? Or was it more? Was it really to discover the truth behind the disappearance of that Pinchly kid...the one who went in, and never came out? AUTHOR: Gary Crew has published over 70 novels and illustrated books. He is particularly int..
Stock: 6 Model: 9781921136221
When the rain comes pouring down Mrs Farmer has no choice but to let the farm animals inside with some very funny results. She ends up with dogs in the kitchen, pigs in the laundry, cows in the dining room, sheep in the sitting room and hens that lay eggs in all sorts of surprising places. When the ..
Stock: 16 Model: 9781922081070
At first glance 'The Gift' is a simple visual tale of a cat helping his friend by bringing her food, a fish, which is his gift to her. As the story unfolds cat loses his friend and decides to go on a journey to find her and to give her his gift. During his journey he faces many trials and tribulatio..
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'How Long Is a Piece of String' is a picture book about a boy who must retrieve his wandering dog with only a ball of string for a lifeline. We accompany the boy on his long and dangerous mission, until finally, with the help of his friend, flying fish, there is a joyous reunion. The string is at la..
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